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Trust Global Kemya for superior electrical insulation solutions, empowering your projects with efficiency, durability, and peace of mind.

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Global Kemya presents Varnishes that exemplify excellence in electrical insulation. Crafted meticulously and enriched with innovative blends, our varnishes deliver unmatched protection and performance for your electrical components. Tailored to meet top industry benchmarks, our varnishes ensure exceptional insulation, shielding against environmental obstacles and operational needs. Rely on Global Kemya for superior quality and dependability, guaranteeing optimal efficiency and longevity of your electrical systems.

Explore Our Insulation Offerings:

Air Drying Insulating Varnish & Anti Tracking Varnish: Exceptional protection against electrical and environmental stresses.

Impregnating Baking Varnish: Superior impregnation properties for elevated durability.

Core Plate Varnishes: Exceptional adhesion and thermal stability for demanding applications.

Nail Coil Lacquer Varnishes: Robust defense against mechanical wear and environmental corrosion.

Impregnating Resins (Epoxy Based Solventless Imp. Resins): Superior impregnation properties for uniform coverage.

Unsaturated Polyester/Imide Solventless Trickle Resins: Exceptional penetration capabilities for enduring protection.

Wire Enamel (Polyester Wire Enamel): Unparalleled electrical insulation for peak performance.

Wire Enamel (Modified Polyester Wire Enamel): Heightened protection against environmental stressors while maintaining electrical performance.

Special Purpose Varnishes: Tailored solutions for unique application needs.

Wire Enamels: Where Insulation Meets Innovation!

WEG-80 Series

Engineered for reliability and efficiency, WEG 80 encapsulates cutting-edge wire enamels and insulation solutions that redefine industry standards.

by Global Kemya

Our state-of-the-art wire coatings offer exceptional safeguarding, ensuring reliable efficiency and safeguarding for your electrical parts. With applications covering swift processing and aluminum connectors, WEG 80 meets varied requirements. Sporting a broad range of curability and substantial cut-through resilience, it promises toughness in challenging surroundings. Tailored compositions suit specific wire gauges and processing speeds, while decreased curability temperatures enhance power effectiveness. Unique shades such as coppery-brown or reddish-golden bring individuality, and its high-velocity performance boosts production efficiency seamlessly. WEG 80 proves versatile, compatible with a vast array of wire dimensions, making it the prime selection for your electrical insulation necessities.

Your Ultimate Solution for Casting and Potting Needs

EFIL-60 Series

The Efill-60 series, formulated with epoxy resin and Polyurethane resin, offers unparalleled protection, personalization, and reliability for your casting and potting requirements. Achieve precise encapsulation of elements with enhanced mechanical defense, ensuring durability and functionality across a spectrum of applications.

by Global Kemya

Key Highlights:

Electrically Insulating Casting Materials: Ensure exceptional dielectric properties to prevent electrical interference and short circuits.

Potting Compounds: Seal sensitive components against moisture, dust, and contaminants, with outstanding adhesion for stability in challenging environments.

Conformal Coating Solutions: Create a thin, protective layer over PCBs and electronic assemblies, shielding against environmental factors without hindering functionality.

Battery Sealant Solution for Unmatched Performance!

GK ER-606 Series

The top-notch Epoxy Resin System carefully crafted for VRLA batteries. With exceptional adhesion ensuring strong bonding, great acid resistance protecting against corrosion, and a non-shrinkable design for long-lasting durability, GK ER 606 is a pinnacle of dependability. Its chemical structure, including Epoxy Resin 606 ER and Hardener 962 E, guarantees compatibility with PP-PP and ABS-ABS adhesion while showing minimal shrinkage. Opt for GK ER 606 for VRLA batteries and welcome unmatched performance and longevity in battery applications.

by Global Kemya